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We welcome all boats up to 70ft LOD that are classic sailing craft, dinghies or rowing boats of traditional construction, built before 1969, or after 1969 but built in the classic spirit to a pre-1969 design or/and with a traditional rig – and to larger boats by agreement with the organizers. We also welcome classic motor and steam launches to our Parade of Sail and shore-side functions.

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Entry & Race Fees
Package Early bird until April 30th 2019 From May 1st 2019
Two days racing, parade of sail and power, two receptions, prizegivings and welcome pack £35 £45
One day’s racing, parade of sail, two receptions, prizegivings and welcome pack £25 £30
Parade of sail and power, two receptions, prizegivings and welcome pack £20 entry fee only £20 entry fee only
Small boat parade (open boats and launches 20’ (6.096 meters) or less LOD), two receptions, prizegiving in NMMC and welcome pack Free – complete Small Boat Parade entry form only Free – complete Small Boat Parade Entry Form only
Gigs – parade only Free Free

Berthing alongside in Falmouth Haven, on moorings or the anchorage is available free on a ‘first come first served’ basis




We welcome classic vessels of all kinds and styles to The English Braids Falmouth Classics 2019. For safety and logistical reasons we have a set of eligibility rules which are set out here. If you are not sure if you are eligible, we urge you to contact us.

Boats eligible for racing and classic parade of sail and power

1. Any single-hulled sailing craft with a four-cornered mainsail (e.g. gaff, lug, sprit, gunter, squaresail or lateen rig) built before 1969, or built after 1969 but to a traditional design.
2. Any single-hulled Bermudan rigged boat built before 1969 or built after 1969 but to a traditional design.

Boats eligible for parade of sail and power only

1. Any wooden pulling boat propelled by two or more oars.
2. Any mechanically-powered vessel built pre-1969 or after 1969 to a traditional design, with inboard propulsion.

Falmouth Classics Association Ltd reserves the right to accept or refuse an entry.

Boat classes in Falmouth Classics

Large Falmouth Working Boat B Bermudan 14ft and under 25ft LOD T
Small Falmouth Working Boat C Bermudan 25ft and under 30ft LOD U
Gaffer 23ft LOD and under G Bermudan 30ft and under 35ft LOD E
Gaffer over 23ft and under 30ft LOD K Bermudan 35ft and over LOD F
Gaffer 30ft and under 40ft LOD Q Shrimper H
Gaffer 40ft LOD and over M Sunbeam        V
Lugger under 25ft LOD J Twister R
Lugger 25ft LOD and over L Another class with 6 or more entrants


All classes, except one-design classes, will be handicapped.


Handicap arrangements

  • Shrimpers, Sunbeams and Twisters will race as classes
  • Falmouth Working Boats (B and C Classes) will use local class handicaps
  • Local G Class boats will use their Flushing handicap
  • All other Bermudan vessels will require a Jauge Classique Handicap (JC), this is free and entrants should visit www.jch-online.org and obtain a handicap before entering
  • All other Gaffers and lug rigged vessels will require a South West Gaffers (OGA) handicap. If not already allocated a measurement form for your vessel will need to be completed well before the event. The handicap form (and other forms and information) can be found in the Forms and Downloads section, or you can download it here (pdf)