Betty Blue

Launched in 1957 and formerly based on the Helford and known as Teal. The BB11 is a strict one design, conceived in 1956, as a high quality, moderately, priced yacht, equally suited both for day, cruising and racing as a ‘thoroughbred’ racing boat.

The BB11 is fast and dry, having an easily driven and particularly seaworthy hull form. The long keel and high freeboard making it directionally stable and seaworthy.

The all up weight of the yacht is under 3/4 of a ton and it can easily be trailed by road.
BB11 is designed and built exclusively by Borge Bringsvaerd in Norway. The Builder combined the best traditions of Norwegian boat building with a modern flow production system to create a quality product of outstanding value.

In 2006 the BB11 was named the all time Norwegian sailboat and was also used to train Naval cadets. The last produced BB11 was in 1968.

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