Ruawaka, a Gauntlet, was built in Wellington, New Zealand and launched in 1947. She has a triple diagonal hull built from the native timber, Kauri.

She was kept in the builder’s family – the Fishers – until the 1970’s. Under the family’s ownership, she took part in many offshore races including the infamous Lyttleton yacht race in 1951. She also took part in the rescue efforts for the Wahine disaster in 1968 in Wellington.

She then changed ownership in the Wellington area up until the 1990’s. During the 1990’s she was then sailed to the UK by way of South East Asia, the Red Sea and the Mediterranean.

The current owners purchased her in 2012, and undertook a refurbishment in 2013. Since then, Ruawaka has been cruised extensively in France, Spain, Scotland and the Atlantic islands. Returning from a North Atlantic cruise in 2024.

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