James and Mariska Joicey

James and Mariska Joicey is a Solent class lifeboat built in 1969 by Groves & Gutteridge at Cowes on the Isle of Wight. She was the second of eleven Solent Class lifeboats the RNLI Lifeboats had built.
The Solent class lifeboat is a steel-hulled version of the 48’6” Oakley class self-righting wooden hull lifeboat and is sometimes referred to as a 48’6” Oakley class Mark III. The three digits in the operational number (005 in the case of the James and Mariska Joicey) indicates a steel-hulled version (as with other classes of lifeboats such as the Clyde, Waveney, Thames and Tyne classes).

The Solent class lifeboat was designed to operate on RNLI service with 7 crew (8 if a doctor was needed). Powered by twin 110bhp Gardiner 6LX diesel engines, the Solent has a top speed of 9.25 knots and with its total fuel capacity in its two tanks of 237 gallons, a range of 150 miles.

On completion and after self-righting and sea trials, James and Mariska Joicey was placed on service in July 1969 at Peterhead in Aberdeenshire, Scotland where she served until 1986. She was officially named on Saturday 6 June 1970 during a ceremony in Peterhead by Miss Magda Joicey, daughter of Mariska Joicey.

After a refit in 1986/7 James and Mariska Joicey was stationed at The Lizard Lifeboat Station in 1987 and served there for a year before joining the relief fleet in 1990 when she was sold out of service.
James and Mariska Joicey launched on service 73 times and saved 41 lives during her 20-year service with the RNLI. She kept locally at Restronguet Creek.

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