A Caprice built in 1976. Shane Acton was born and raised in Coleridge, Cambridge, England. Without any sailing experience, he departed in a used 18′ 4″ bilge-keel sailing boat for which he paid the modest sum of £400. The boat was a Caprice, a Robert Tucker design originally named Super Shrimp but referred to by Shane simply as Shrimpy. Later Shane was accompanied for much of the voyage by his girlfriend, Iris Derungs, a photographer from Switzerland. He sailed westabout through the Panama Canal, circling the globe and returning to England as a local celebrity eight years later. The voyage is chronicled in his book Shrimpy: A Record Round-the-World Voyage in an Eighteen Foot Yacht. Christian’s Shrimpy is a replica of this amazing first smallest round the world boat. As the voyage was in 1972 we feel making the replica a classic. Just!

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