Devon Maid

Devon Maid, a Southampton Day boat, was built at Beasley’s Boatyard on the River Itchen, Hampshire, in 1914 from mainly cedar offcuts from their steam yachts.

A cabin and engine were added in the 1930s. During the 2nd World War she was sunk in the Lymington or Beaulieu rivers to help stop the feared German invasion.

In 1958 the current owner’s father, a Guernsey sea pilot, found her sailing in the Alderney Swinge with no-one on board and towed her to Guernsey.

Fiona Beale bought her from the estate of the presumed drowned owner in 1959 and took her to the Helford in 1960 which has been her home mooring ever since.

David Bisson bought her in 2009 and refitted the interior with a galley and 2 berths.

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