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The following description is an Extract from the 1952 YACHTING WORLD ANNUAL

The design shows a short-ended boat with good free board, a straight sheer and a small sail plan which contributes to her low R.O.R.C. rating of 27.22 ft. The proportions of the design blend well and she is a nice looking boat. Phizz has put up a good performance in off-shore and inshore races. The layout of the accommodation is very much in keeping with both the hull and the sail plan. It is practical, providing a racing crew numbering six with all they want; there is ample space for charts, galley, toilet and cupboards. Phizz is built to Lloyd’s Class 15 A1. The planking is of mahogany on steamed oak timbers and she has a laminated mahogany stem and mahogany keel, deadwood and stern post. The decks are of red cedar, canvas covered. The lead keel is approximately four tons and as the displacement is 8 tons there is nearly a 50 per cent ballast ratio. The rig is simple, consisting of a mainsail with high aspect ratio and a big foresail. The mast is spruce with a single spreader and jumpers at 45degrees.

Current Condition

Phizz has been restored to the original specification with the exception of the canvas covering on the decks, this is now teak covered. The current owners Peter and Philip Knight-Jones have owned and sailed Phizz extensively since 1971.  She regularly participates in Classic Regattas in the UK and France.

At the 2019 Hamble Classics she was awarded the Concours d’Authenticite award