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Montagu Whaler ex RN made in Malta. Sold out of service? abandoned on shores of Tamar 1970? saved by Bernie Bruen and Fiddler 1978. Made sea worthy on Cornwall Beach Devonport and named after the local hostelry ‘SWAN’. Sold 1984? to Graham Brown Falmouth sadly damaged at King Harry Ferry, all sails oars masts and bottom boards lost. Then the hull was saved by Jonny Moss, of the Falmouth Boat Building Academy who preserved and kept the boat before students worked on the hull 2017. February 2018 removed from Falmouth to Bristol by the All-Aboard Shed Men who replaced 7 planks and 6 ribs Masts, bottom boards, sails, rigging and oars.

Additional Comments:
An iconic vessel designed from the Whalers by Lord Montagu and used as ships boat and training vessel / lifeboat on the side of RN Ships until the 1960’s when they were replaced. Many were destroyed some were moved on to Sea Cadets and Scout Troops others sold out of service. Few are still sailing and rowing but there are still some good examples kept by enthusiasts or in museums.