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Although the Memory 19 class was born in the early 70’s from the hand of designer Tony Robinson, the inspiration behind her dates back from way before, with her lines taken from a 1922 Brightlingsea fishing smack called Brownie. The workboat aesthetics of gentle sheer, straight stem and nearly straight transom make maximum use of length and, combined with the big, topsail gaff rig and bowsprit, make quite a sight under full sail. The practicality of Little Millie’s open layout together with the shoal draft and centreplate, makes her equally at home taking the ground at low tide or slipped onto a trailer.
Over 140 memories have been built and are a well proven classics in their own right; safe, easily handled yet fast boats. In fact, they have won more races than any other design in OGA racing. The big rig means these boats go well in very little wind and reach hull speed in as little as 10-12 knots with the right sails up. The gaff rig is very practical and easy to use, the large sail area can be simply set, controlled and reefed from the large cockpit. 500 kgs of extra ballast underneath the floorboards around the keel gives a 50% ballast ratio.

Little Millie is an ‘open’ boat version, so the accommodation below is modest but practical, with two full sized berths and some storage in a V formation in the snug little cabin under the foredeck. Access is by a small pair of doors and lifting hatch.

Little Millie has been owned by Paul Elliott since 2016 and is sailed by his family and friends mainly on the Helford River and Falmouth Bay.
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