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Driac was a one-off design by the famous designer Charles Nicholson and built at Gosport by Camper and Nicholsons in 1930. She was built for A H G Macpherson and he named Driac after the wealthy Scottish industrialist Sir James Caird who had supported him financially (Caird spelt backwards is Driac, pronounced Dryack).

She is an exceptionally well designed and built cruising/racing yacht and attracted the attention of Uffa Fox (the leading innovator in boat design between the wars) who wrote enthusiastically about her in his 1934 book ‘Sailing, Seamanship and Yacht Construction’ saying ‘she is so near to perfection, with her seaworthiness, comfort and speed.’ In 1930 the owner sailed her 5,000 miles to Malta and back, an unusually ambitious voyage for a small yacht at that time which won him the Royal Cruising Club Challenge Cup.

Driac is a bermudian cutter, built of teak on grown oak frames with a five ton lead ballast keel attached with bronze bolts; the best possible construction of the time. As a result she has survived her 90 years with few major problems.

Driac is now coded for commercial use and running sailing courses out of Milford Haven; so far as we are aware she is the only classic yacht of her era on which you can complete RYA courses.