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The next Falmouth Classics event will take place from Friday 16th to Sunday 18th June 2017.

Three races are planned for the event, together with a splendid parade of all participating boats (in 2015 there were 118 participants and in 2016 there were 174 participants). All races will start in The Carrick Roads. Depending on entries there will be several classes which will start at five minute intervals. Participating boats will cross a start line marked by a Committee Boat and an outer distance mark. The start line will probably require boats to start by sailing close hauled. Races will last approximately 2 hours. The finish, for each race, is likely to be off Trefusis Point. The courses chosen by the race officer will be dependent on wind direction and the tide, some courses may take vessels out into Falmouth Bay.

Good places to watch the racing will be Pendennis Point, Trefusis Point, Castle Drive, the coastal footpath between Place and St Anthony’s Lighthouse and St Mawes Castle. The Parade of Sail can best be watched from Castle Drive, Pendennis Point, Pendennis Castle and St Mawes Castle. For more information, please see the ‘Where to watch’ section.

Friday 16th June

Race 1: First warning signal at 11:30. Start from Carrick Roads.

Race 2: First warning signal at 14:00. Start from Carrick Roads.

Saturday 17th June

Rowing and Sculling races 10:00 start.  Finish 12.00.  Greenbank.

Race 3: First warning signal at 13:30. Start from Carrick Roads.

Sunday 18th June

Classics Parade of Sail and Power from 10:30 – 12:00 at Falmouth Harbour / Carrick Roads.

While it is expected that most boats taking part in the Parade of Sail and Power will be sailing boats, with or without secondary power propulsion, owners of power only propelled (steam propelled boats are especially welcome) and rowing craft are encouraged to take part.

Parade of Small Boats (Under 20ft) from 13:30 – 14:30 Falmouth Inner Harbour.

The second parade of the day will include classic boats propelled by oars, sail and engine that are less than 20ft overall in length.

Please note: this is a provisional programme and is subject to change before the event.